Ambien vs Ambien CR

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Ambien vs Ambien CR

Ambien is a drug is known by its generic name Zolpidem. The medication is prescribed to treat the symptoms of sleep disorders like insomnia. The drug is available in two forms of medications – Ambien and Ambien CR, or controlled-release. Each kind of medicine has specific advantages and disadvantages. But both medications should be taken with the help of a prescription and after taking the advice of a health expert.


Ambien v/s Ambien CR

Ambien CR is the extended form of medication of the original drug Ambien. Zolpidem is the other name for Ambien. The tablet of the drug has two layers. The first dissolves rapidly to cause a feeling of sleepiness. This facilitates the induction of sleep within half an hour of intake. The second dissolves much more slowly to be able to maintain the sleepy state of a person. If we come to Ambien v/s Ambien CR, we get to know that because of Ambien’s inconsistent effects on sleep maintenance, Ambien CR remains the only option approved by the U.S. FDA for the treatment of sleep disorders like insomnia.


Advantages of Ambien CR v/s Ambien

Ambien CR is preferred over Ambien because of Ambien’s inconsistency in maintaining the sleepy state of a person indulging in its intake. We must say to you that Ambien CR remains consistently steady in the blood for more than 3 hours after being taken by mouth and works for a long time than Ambien.

Because of the constant demand for Ambien for treating sleeping disorders, people buy Ambien online. This way of buying medicines has seen a huge surge in the past few years.

Shared side effects

If we look closely at Ambien and Ambien CR side effects, we will get to know that both the forms of medication of the same drug produce results that are typically seen in cases of intake of benzodiazepines like headache, drowsiness, dizziness or impaired balance. These side effects can make a person physically and psychologically dependent on the drug and its forms of medication for survival. The chances of addiction increase with the increase in drug consumption.

Abuse and dosage

If we talk about the prescribed Ambien CR dosage and Ambien CR abuse, we’d get to know Ambien CR are prescribed to be taken only when there is a gap of at least seven to eight hours between the time a person goes to sleep under the influence of the drug and the time a person wakes up. However, some people choose to indulge in Ambien CR abuse to get its effects again and again or because they have developed a liking for the intake of the drug.

No matter what is the reason for abuse, Ambien CR side effects can affect the person. Persisting side effects can have dangerous consequences. These side effects may hamper the progress of the person taking the drug, if not taken according to the prescription. Interaction with other drugs and substances like ketoconazole can also hamper the impact of the drug.

Ambien is the popular name for the drug Zolpidem in the market. People buy Ambien online for the treatment of symptoms of sleep disorders like insomnia. However, when you decide to buy the drug, you must know that it has four different forms of medication –

  • standard release pill
  • extended-release pill
  • under-the-tongue tablet
  • spray

However, all these forms of medicine will prove to be ineffective if taken beyond the prescribed limit. The medication should not be used to get high or to get the effects of the drug again and again. That’s why you should buy Ambien online to know how and when to take the medication correctly.

In nutshell, it completely depends on the patient’s medical history and condition, what they prefer to go for Ambien or Ambien CR. Both the medicines can help treat insomnia, one might be more effective than the other.


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